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Trail Conditions

For the most up-to-date trail conditions, please visit the OFSC Interactive Trail Map
Last Updated: Jan 28, 2017
Trail Location Status Details
TOP E Perth to Sharbot Lake Open  
TOP E Sharbot Lake to Snow Road Open  
TOP E Snow Road to Flower Station Open  
TOP E Perth to bridge at Cockburn Creek Closed  
TOP E Plevna to Quackenbush Open  
E104 Ompah to Top E at Mosque Lake Open  
4B at Arcol Road to Top E between Hungary & Granite Lake Open  
E104A (TOP E) Snow Road to Lanark Open  
1 SRSC Clubhouse to McDonalds Corners Open  
1 McDonalds Corners to Perth Open  
3 Mississippi to #3A Closed  
3 3A to Silver Lake Closed landowner logging
3A 3 to Top E west of Silver Lake Closed  
5 #1 to #3 & Top E at Mississippi Station Open  
6 Elphin to #7 & #3 Open  
7 Upper Bathurst Line to #1 Open  
8 McDonald's Corners to Dalhousie Lake (lake staked) Open  
8 E104A Gemmill's hill to Dalhousie Lake Closed  
8 Dalhousie Lake to E104A Open  
10 Balderson to Lanark Open  
10 Lanark to Hopetown Open  
12 Robertson Lake to Hopetown Limited Availability  
12 Hopetown to Middleville Open  
12 Wilber to Lavant Mill Road Limited Availability  
12 Middleville to Clayton (lake staked) Limited Availability  
15 Top E to Sand Lake Plevna Open  

Fuel/Gas Locations

Please note that many of the rural gas stations have closed down in the last few years. Please see the table below for current locations of gas stations (as of Fall 2016).

Location Status
Sharbot Lake OPEN
Perth OPEN
Ompah OPEN
Plevna OPEN
Lanark OPEN
Hopetown OPEN
Snow Road CLOSED
Silver Lake CLOSED
Maberly CLOSED
McDonalds Corners CLOSED
Snow Road Snowmobile Club
1106 Gemmill's Road, Box 1002
Snow Road Station, K0H 2RO
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