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I Prefer Winter - Sled Raffle Winner Announced
Dec 2017

Dean Livingston from Ottawa Ontario is our winner for the “ I Prefer Winter” Snowmobiling Package. Ticket # 05484 was the lucky ticket. License # M742517

Dean wins two 2017 Yamaha snowmobiles and a Triton enclosed trailer. Thank you to everyone that purchased a ticket to support groomed snowmobile trails and safety programs

2017 Fundraiser Breakfasts
May 2017

Another successful windup to the Snow Road Snowmobile Club breakfast season with three fundraisers for local charities. Each year the club dedicates three end-of-season breakfasts to support charities in both Lanark and Frontenac. This year, breakfast proceeds and donations collected has provided another boost to these charities. $1,547.50 was raised on behalf of Alzheimer’s Society; and the Canadian Cancer Society benefited with $1,324 for the Wheels of Hope campaign, and $1,356.00 for Melanoma.

The executive and members of the Club want to thank everyone who has supported their fundraising breakfasts and other activities throughout the season, as well as the dedicated volunteers who make them happen.

The Club is already preparing for their annual Canada Day breakfast/bake and yard sale on Saturday, June 24th and are happily accepted donations for the yard sale or the bake sale. Contact Ruth Wark at 613-278-0477 or Alice Gilchrist at 613-278-1020 for information.

Snowmobile Survey
Dec 2016

Are you a recreational snowmobiler and interested in sharing what that means? The University of Guelph is looking for individuals to participate in a snowmobile survey. The survey will involve roughly 35 questions about the different aspects of snowmobiling and some personal questions. It will take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete.

My name is Tania Pereira, I am a Masters student in the Department of Human Health and Nutritional Sciences at the University of Guelph and the information I am collecting will be used in my thesis. The goal of the survey is to determine the average experience of a snowmobile rider.

If you are between the ages of 18 and 64 and are interested in participating, please click on the link below. We encourage everyone participating to be as honest as possible in their answers. Your answers will be confidential and we will not be looking at individual results, but all of the surveys answered as a whole. Your honesty will ensure that the data collected actually represents snowmobiling and riders.

If you have any questions or concerns about the survey, please feel free to contact the principal investigator: Jamie Burr or the student investigator: Tania Pereira by email at burrj@uoguelph.ca or tperei01@uoguelph.ca respectively. Ethics has been approved by the University of Guelph through the Research Ethics Board -REB# 16OC012.

The study is being funded by the Canadian Council of Snowmobile Organizations (CCSO). The funder's role will be to give the research team access to snowmobile clubs, organizations and associations. The CCSO will also give us access to special snowmobile events to recruit potential participants in this study. The CCSO will also be providing us with well-maintained snowmobiles, access to snowmobile trails/ tracks for testing and establishing connections with the snow patrol emergency responders/ trail guides. The data collected during the course of this study will belong solely to the research team. The CCSO will not have any access to the data collected. The interpretation of these results and publication in a scientific journal will be at the sole discretion of the research team. The results will be shared with the CCSO at a formal presentation in June of 2017. The CCSO may choose to reference the results in future publications or public awareness campaigns.

Clubhouse Spring Clean-Up
May 14 2016

Now that our very successful season is over, we have to clean at the Clubhouse inside and outside. A Work Day is being held Saturday May 14 - 9 AM – 2 PM. Lunch will be available. High School Students can build Volunteer Hours at this work day.

Our Breakfast Staff have put in a lot of volunteer hours since October and now is our chance to help them out on other duties. Hope to see many of you Saturday May 14 at 9 AM.

Bring your own rakes, rubber gloves, gloves Etc to allow you to do your particular job.

Toronto Sled Show Shuttle
April 2016

The 29th Annual Toronto International Snowmobile, ATV & Powersports Show (TISAPS), will take place October 21-23, 2016 at the International Centre, and new this year, there will be shuttle buses picking up from the Carleton Place, North Bay, Sudbury, Kingston, London, Owen Sound, and Parry Sound region. This service will pick up the pre-registered individuals (56 per bus) and drive them to and from the TISAPS at The International Centre in Toronto, Ontario.

Pre-Register today at http://torontosnowmobileatvshow.com/

Click here for more info

Land Owners Agreement - Important
March 2016

A number of our landowners have expressed concerns regarding recent news articles from the Ontario Landowners Association related to Bill 100. The Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs (OFSC) has updated the current land use agreement form used by all snowmobile clubs and association across Ontario to include the following statement: The landowner/occupier and the local snowmobile club mutually confirm that the landowner/occupier, by signing this MOU is not requesting nor granting permission for a registered easement over the designated premises.

We want to assure our current, past and future landowners that allowing our snowmobile club to use their property for trails, does not allow any permanent right of way that could be registered on their property deeds.

Landowners have the option to indicate open and close dates for access to their property and the club respects the seasons for crop seeding and harvest, animal forage, hunting, etc.

The updated form is available on our website at kptrails.com, at the clubhouse or contact us.

Land Owners Agreement - Download
Letter to Landowners - Download

Ride For Dad Update
February 27, 2016

Due to safety concerns, the Ride for Dad ride will not be done this year. The other events will still take place.

The event will be from 10-2, to enable everyone to turn in their pledges and receive prizes, we will be providing free lunch, hot dogs & soup as well as donuts & coffee.

The spaghetti, salad & dessert supper is from 4:00 to 7:00 for $8.00 Everyone Welcome.

Ride For Dad
February 27, 2016

Saturday, 27 February 2016 - Snow Road Snowmobile Club

Pre-register online at RideforDad.ca and start collecting your pledges or pledge sheets available at the clubhouse

$30.00 registration includes HST, run and lunch (Free registration with $100.00 in pledges)
Registration: 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. (Coffee available)
Lunch for participants at Civitan Hall, Lanark

SPAGHETTI SUPPER - $8.00 - Spaghetti, salad, garlic bread, beverage and dessert
Open to Everyone - 4 pm to 7 pm

Click here for more info

Ride For Dad Meeting - Jan 6
January 2016

The next meeting for the RIDE FOR DAD EVENT will be held Wednesday January 6 at 7 PM at the Snow Road Snowmobile Club. As the RIDE runs February 27, it is important that everyone be in attendance, in view of the large amount of work required over a short time.

Get your advanced tickets for the Xmas dinner
December 2015

This is just a note to tell you that Advance Tickets are required for the Snow Road Snowmobile Club Christmas Dinner on Saturday, December 19 at 6.00 PM

Live Old-Time Country Music

$15.00 per person

Tickets are now available from Ruth @ 613-278-0477 or Alice @ 613-278-1020

Volunteers Needed for Oct 24th
October 2015

Ottawa Valley ATV Club will be working on these repairs on Saturday, 24 October 2015 from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m

The club will be replacing the runners on the "High Bridge" on the K&P this coming weekend on Saturday Oct 24th. We are looking for a few volunteers to help out. If you can make it, the work involved will be removing the old deck boards and then installing new ones so there will be lots of lifting and working on your knees. The deck boards are 2x8x12ft.

If you have some hand tools you can bring that would be helpful. A claw hammer and a cordless drill would be useful. The deck boards will be screwed down so a No.2 Robertson bit for your drill will be required - please also bring a Philips driver bit as well just in case the screws turn out to be Philips and not Robertson. We will have some generators on site for charging drill batteries so bring your charger as well.

The current plan is to meet at Lavant Station (at the K&P) around 10am and then head up to the bridge. If you can make it and are willing to help out, please respond on the club forum post:

Hwy 511 Snowmobile Bridge Tender Awarded
April 2015

April 27, 2015 by Maureen Pegg via via lake88.ca

Lanark County’s public works committee has approved a tender valued at $298,797 to install an active transportation/snowmobile bridge on the new Mississippi Bridge on Hwy. 511.

The successful company is Beam Construction Co. Ltd, an Etobicoke-based firm. The tender came in $50,402 over the budgeted amount.

Public works business manager Janet Tysick says the structure is a “complicated design” and noted bridge prices fluctuate because a lot of steel is used and those prices tend to fluctuate.

She said the unbudgeted amount will be covered by savings in other county construction projects awarded earlier this year.

The project is partially funded by a National Trails Coalition grant which covers 49 percent of the expenditures to a maximum of $124,198. The snowmobile bridge will run parallel to the new bridge and can be used by ATVs during the summer.

Help Needed At Clubhouse
April 2015

We are very quickly reaching the end of another successful season at SRSC. Special thanks to all those volunteers who turn out to help us, and to all the hungry people that attend our breakfasts.For your information, here are some additional events where we can use everyones help.

Saturday April 25, 9 AM - 1 PM -Work Day - Odd Jobs - Clean Up Etc Bring your rake.

Saturday May 9, 9 AM - 1 PM- Construction - Finishing Entrance Way and some trim etc inside.

The above workdays will finish our expansion which really started Summer of 2011

Snowmobile Ride For Dad coming up at Snow Road Snowmobile Club - Fighting Prostate Cancer
February 28, 2015

You have an opportunity to participate in the first-ever snowmobile Ride for Dad locally on February 28th at Snow Road Snowmobile Club, 1106 Gemmill's Road, Snow Road, Ontario. Registration or Donations can be made online at RideForDad.ca or from 8:00 to 10:00 AM on the the day of the ride. Donuts and coffee will be served at the SRSC Clubhouse during this time. Trail ride begins at 10.00 AM.

The planned trail ride covers approx 175 km through the scenic trail network maintained by K & P Snow Trails Association in both Frontenac and Lanark counties. Lunch for participants will be provided at the Civitan Club in Lanark. Prizes will be handed out at the close of the run at the SRSC clubhouse.

A Spaghetti Supper which is open to everyone, will be available following presentations.

Registration cost is $30. (includes HST) and lunch. Free registration for riders collecting $100. or more in pledges. Therefore you are encouraged to get busy and line up your pledges.

Donations may also be made online at RideforDad.ca. Please support our participants.

Having Problems buying a permit online?
February, 2015

If you are getting and error message upon checkout and/or not able to proceed than it is likely because of a browser issue. Please use Google Crome or Firefox browser (both are free to download) and ensure that all pop-up blockers are turned off in the browser settings.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Ride For Dad
Janurary 2015

TELUS RIDE FOR DAD comes to Snow Road Station on February 28th, 2015. The registration is $30 and you can pre-register online here. Then you can invite friends to sponsor you.

Ride For Dad Meetings - Every Friday night at 7:00 p.m. at the clubhouse until Friday before the Ride. The small team that have put these tracks in motion need all the help anyone can offer from now right up to and including the big day. We need helpers for registration, kitchen. trail marking and trail sweep, parking, sponsors, & prizes. If anyone would like to help please come out to one of the meetings.

More Details To Come

Joint Meeting September 12 - Everyone Welcome
September 2014

Please note we will be holding a joint meeting of Snow Road Snowmobile Club & K&P Snow Trails Association at the Snow Road Clubhouse. With Snow Road meeting starting at 7:00 p.m and we will try to hold it to 1 hour and will start K&P meeting at 8:00. Everyone is welcome to attend both meetings. OFSC convention is September 18-20th, permit information and changes that OFSC recommend will be shared at this meeting in addition to regular business discussions. Hope to see you there, don't forget we are still recruiting for the volunteer positions of Treasurer for both clubs.

Year-End Reports
May 2014

The KP Trails and Snow Road club would like to thank you for a great season. Below you will find our year-end reports.

Poker Run Rescheduled
February 24, 2014

The annual poker run and silent auction has been rescheduled to March 8, 2014. There will be a breakfast in the morning and light supper in the evening.

McDonalds Corners/Dalhousie Lake Trail
February 2014

This is a notice to all riders in the McDonalds Corners/Dalhousie Lake area. The trail that used to run west off Dalhousie lake to Toad Hill (and then the E104) via Purdon Bay Road, is NOT open. The landowner in this area has not given permission and does not want snowmobiles travelling along this road. He has told the club that any sledders running this road will be charged with trespassing. Please stay off this road and the club will attempt to re-route this trail as soon as possible.

2013 Bring on the Snow Winner Announced
December 2013

Don Wieler from Dunrobin Ontario is the lucky winner of the District 1 Bring On The Snow Snowmobiling Package. Ticket # 07179 was the lucky ticket.

K&P Trails Now On Facebook
January 2014

K&P Trails is now on facebook. Check out our page for updates and more. To view the facebook page, click here

Snow Road Welcomes District Governor
December 2013

The kitchen workers at the Snow Road Snowmobile Club breakfast welcomed some new volunteers on Saturday, November 30th. They were joined by George Darouze (L) Governor for OFSC District 1 and Dave Hunt (R), District Operations Coordinator. The two stepped up to the sink and very quickly learned the basics of dishwashing. As there are usually over 100 people attending the breakfasts, all able hands are welcome. It is expected that once these photos appear, George and Dave will get more training at home to maintain their skills.

Please Stay Off Trails
November 2013

The first snowfall always gets the adrenaline going and sledders are eager to check out their sled as soon as possible. Especially if you just received your new 2014 permit at the great price of $180.

However, please respect our landowners and club volunteers. The trails are not open and in many areas trails will not be available in the immediate future.

  1. There are many of our landowners who are still participating in the various hunting seasons – bow hunting and black powder seasons are still in effect.
  2. Many farmers still have crops or livestock in their fields and the gates must remain closed until the landowner agrees they can be opened. Damage caused by early riders who are overly eager to start the season often results in trail closures.
  3. Although some ponds may have had a bit of ice cover, the snow acts as an insulator so cold weather is needed to build up a safe ice surface and firm up swamp areas.
  4. Club volunteers also must respect landowner timelines so in many areas, the trail markers and signage have not been installed for the season. This is a mandatory step for all clubs prior to opening their trails.
  5. In some places, there may be hidden hazards that need to be corrected. The wet summer has created new wet holes, winds have caused tree falls, and general brushing is always required.

Your safe enjoyment of our trails is very important. Please be patient as maintenance on the trails is carried out by volunteers, many of whom have full-time jobs and family commitments.

Our volunteers have started their fall work but are now hampered by the snowfall – why not offer to help. All hands are welcome.

Buy Your Trail Pass before Dec. 1st and Save
November 2013

Buy Your Trail Pass before Dec. 1st and save money on regular and classic permits. The regular permits are $210 (regular $260) and classic permits are $140 (regular $170). This promotion ends on December 1st, 2013. For more information, please click here

Trail Permit Annoucements
November 2013

CORRECTION  Please accept OFSC apologies for an error in the news related to permit sales this season. It was indicated that new for this season was that every annual permit sold after March 10, 2014 (priced at $260) would be valid for the remainder of the season and the entire 2014/2015 snowmobile season. Unfortunately, while this recommendation passed at the AGM, it was not approved by MOT. The OFSC will continue to work with the MTO in attempts to enable the OFSC to offer this benefit to its permit purchasers in 2014.

Congratulations Everyone - Record Number of Permits Sold!  The total number of permits sold online by the 1st November deadline is (drum roll) - 41,500! This total includes both Seasonal and Classic sales across the province. This means there are much needed funds coming into club coffers earlier in the season to help with trail maintenance and get thing started for the upcoming season. It also eases a lot of administrative work involved in distribution, collection and processing of the permits by the club volunteers. Plus all you early birds saved some cash. If you missed the early-buy program you can still get a great deal on a seasonal permit at $210 to 1 December both on-line or at the permit sales outlets listed in our newsletter and after that the price increases to $260 for a seasonal permit. Don't forget that classic permit prices also increase from $140 to $170 after 1 December.

Plevna Meeting Results
November 2013

The K&P Snow Trails Association invited anyone interested in trails in the Ompah/Plevna area to their meeting on Sunday at the Clar-Mill Hall in Plevna. Without local support and volunteers, there is a risk that snowmobile trails in this area will not open this season due to extensive damage over the off-season by other trail users. What may look like a fun and challenging mud ride to some ATV and dirt bike riders creates major repair headaches to the money-strapped snowmobile association who have repeatedly paid thousands of dollars and uncounted volunteer hours to return trails to a useable and safe condition for grooming equipment and sleds. A number of sled riders and local landowners stepped up to the plate and have volunteered to put in personal time and effort to carry out critical repairs which are essential for this season. The executive members of the Ottawa Valley ATV Club which is a member of the Ontario Federation of ATV Clubs (OFATVC) also attended the meeting and are willing to help. This group outlined their goal to develop a working partnership with the snowmobile association to provide trail stewardship. The OFATV also signs land use agreements and offers insurance benefits to landowners. Information is available at www.ovatvc.org. There is a wide expanse of popular trails in this area which follow unmaintained road allowances, cross Crown land and private property with landowner permission and often must follow plowed roads due to trail closures and all-season roads which once were used only for summer access. The rough and rocky terrain limits rerouting trails. The K&P Association wants to thank the attendees for their participation and input and look forward to getting these key trails open for the upcoming season. Time is of the essence as trail work respects the hunting seasons as well. Anyone who could not attend the meeting but would like to offer their help, whether for a few hours or a few days, are welcome to contact Morley Wark (613) 278-0477 or rmwark@storm.ca or www.kptrails.com.

Canada Day Bake Sale
July 2013

Snow Road Snowmobile Club had their first CANADA DAY BAKE SALE at the breakfast held on June 29th and it was a fantasic success.

The credit goes to everyone who donated such a marvellous variety of baked goods and preserves as well as those who purchased these great-tasting goodies. Special thanks to Station Baker for the beautiful red and white Canada Day cake and cupcakes.

Over 140 people joined us for breakfast - many of them were first-timers and of course many of our regulars showed up. This support is greatly appreciated by club executive and volunteers.

Three people enjoyed a free breakfast and our sponsor plans to donate a free breakfast at each of our breakfasts throughout next season. Come and join us - you could be the lucky recipient of this random act of kindness.


Snow Road Snowmobile Music Festival
June 2013

The Snow Road Snowmobile Club is hosting its first ever music festival on August 10th, 2013 at the Elf Inn Express grounds in Elphin, Ontario. Check out the Facebook page for the entertainment line-up and join us for some great country music. Click here for the facebook page

The club is looking for volunteers to help with the multitude of tasks before, during and after this event. People are needed to:

  • Sell Tickets
  • Set Up
  • Direct Traffic to Parking Areas
  • Help Manage a Refreshments Kiosk (BBQ Burgers and Hot Dogs, Soft Drinks, etc.)
  • Take Tickets at Entry
  • Empty Garbage Cans
  • Pickup Litter

Please contact Ruth Wark at 613-278-0477 or rmwark@storm.ca if you can help for an hour or so.

Volunteer Appreciation 2013
April 2013

The Snow Road Snowmobile Club and the K&P Snow Trails Association want to salute their many volunteers. The OFSC slogan "Powered by Volunteers" is a statement of fact. Without these great people who give their time and efforts to support the sport of snowmobiling, the marvellous trails network across Ontario could not exist.

Each year, the difficult task is to select a volunteer to nominate for recognition. We believe all our volunteers are extremely valuable and deserve recognition and praise all year round. For 2013 the following nominations have been made for the Snow Road Snowmobile Club:

  • Volunteer of the Year – Don Rodger
  • Trail Patroller – Ron Gilchrist
  • Rookie of the Year – Paul Wark
  • Volunteer Family of the Year – Phil and Morgan Wark
The K&P Snow Trails Association have made the following selections:
  • Volunteer of the Year – Dave Brown
  • Trail Patroller – Wayne Southward
  • Rookie of the Year – Colonial St. Pierre
  • Volunteer Family – Ruth and Morley Wark
These people will be formally recognized at an upcoming appreciation event hosted by the District 1 Snowmobile Association.

We salute all our volunteers – whether they spend an hour or weeks helping out. Every hand is a welcome hand. If you enjoy our trails – please thank a volunteer.

Alice Gilchrist on behalf of Snow Road Snowmobile Club and K&P Snow Trails Association

Chow Down For Charity
April 2013

On April 6th, 2013 Bill McNicol presented Ruth and Morley Wark with a certificate of appreciation recognizing their work with Relay for Life, a fundraiser for Canadian Cancer Society. For many years, they volunteered at the annual event held in Lombardy and Ruth gathers sponsors to participate in the Relay. As President of the Snow Road Snowmobile Club she was instrumental in establishing their fundraising breakfast event to sponsor this worthy cause.

Relay for Life volunteers Bill McNicol and Noreen Allan accepted a cheque for $612. from members of the Snow Road Snowmobile Club following the fundraising breakfast held at the Clubhouse on April 6th, 2012.

Read The Full Article

Click on the images below for larger images
Try Our Trails a Success!
February 2013

The Try Our Trails for Free Weekend was a big success in District 1 and all across Ontario. Over 900 sledders took advantage of the free weekend in District 1 and 85 of these in identified K&P as their club area. Overall numbers across Ontario are not yet available.

Classic Permit Upgrade
February 2013

If you start the season with a sled that's 15 years or older, but switch to a newer snowmobile midway through the winter, you can save a $130. Classic Permit buyers are now able to upgrade to a Seasonal Permit by paying the difference between the classic fee of $130 and the seasonal fee of $260. The upgrade can be done through the selling club upon presentation of the proper documentation, and follows a similar process to obtaining a replacement permit.

Manufacturer's Sneak Peak Events
February 2013

This spring, snowmobilers have an excpetional opportunity to preview all the new 2014 models from Arctic Cat, BRP (Ski-Doo), Polaris and Yamaha for free. The Sneak Peak event is unique because it's the only time the 4 OEM's come together under one roof to launch their new sleds to the public. Factory reps and local dealers will be on hand to answer all your questions.

Kanata: Bell Sensplex, 1565 Maple Grove Rd, Kanata (Hosted by OFSC District 1) Monday, March 25 (5-9pm)
Tuesday, March 26 (11am-9pm)
Winner of More Snow Days Annouced
January 2013

The winner of the More Snow Days draw for two Yamaha snowmobiles and an enclosed Triton Trailer is:

Yves Seguin of St Isdore, Ontario
Winning ticket # 07168

Thanks to everyone who either purchased or sold tickets on behalf of the Snow Road Snowmobile Club and the K&P Snow Trails Association. Your support is appreciated

Send Us Your Feedback
November 2012

Click here to download the OFSC - A Framework For Change document. Our club and the OFSC would love to hear your comments and feedback on this document.

Please send your comments to: a.gilchrist@xplornet.ca or rmwark@storm.ca

Classic Permits Now Available Locally
October 2012

In addition to purchasing Classic Permits through the District One Snowmobile Association in Morrisburg, this year they are also available from:

Alice Gilchrist
1020 Station Road
Snow Road, Ontario

Alice will have these permits available at most bi-weekly breakfasts at the Clubhouse as well as at her home (contact her in advance).

KP Trails - 2012 Volunteer Recognition
October 2012

On behalf of K&P Snow Trails Association executive and members, we want to offer our congratulations to all of who have been selected for our 2012 volunteer recognition.

  • Family Achievement Award - Stan & Lorna Sargeant
  • Rookie Volunteer of the Year - Tim Crain
  • Volunteer of the Year - Jean McOuatt
  • Trail Patroller of the Year - Ruth Wark
SRSC - 2012 Volunteer Recognition
October 2012

On behalf of Snow Road Snowmobile Club executive and members, we want to offer our congratulations to all of who have been selected for our 2012 volunteer recognition.

  • Family Achievement Award - Murray & Bev Elliott
  • Rookie Volunteer of the Year - Glen Patterson
  • Volunteer of the Year - Clarence Gemmill
  • Trail Patroller of the Year - Karen Lindop-Beckwith

The annual volunteer recognition program highlights the achievements of only a few of our many volunteers who commit time and effort to help us in so many ways. We would not survive as a club without the support of our volunteers and would like to take every opportunity to thank each any every one of you.

June 23, 2012

It was a beautiful day and there was a marvellous turnout for the official opening and ribbon cutting for the newly renovated Snow Road Snowmobile Club clubhouse. Club executive and members were pleased to welcome Gordon Monroe representing the Ontario Trillium Foundation who had made a $60,000 grant in April 2011 to supplement the $24,000 the Club had raised with various fundraising events over several years. Early preparation of paperwork by Club Treasurer Karen Beckwith with assistance from Lanark Highlands Councillor Tom Lalonde and Megan Sargeant in applying for the grant got the major project underway.

Club President, Ruth Wark, pointed out that even with these funds the renovations would not have been possible without the very generous support and donations from local businesses and the multitude of volunteers who turned up week after week, both male and female. Special thanks were given to Crain Construction for donation and installation of the expanded septic system which was required to meet new regulations as well as loan of heavy equipment when needed. She also thanked Gemmill Sand & Gravel, McNamee Concrete, Tom Sullivan Plumbing, 5 Star Home Comfort, J. England Excavation along with Steve Cook (Electrician) and Laurie Whyte for their excellent work and considerate pricing. Materials and supplies were supplied by Lanark TimBr Mart and Perth Planing Mill. Jack Elzinga was acknowledged as the engineer for the project and Morley Wark as the foreman to organize supplies and volunteers.

Ontario Trillium Foundation representative Gordon Monroe spoke briefly on the Foundation and how its supports projects such as this across the province, and helping update and upgrade community spaces is a major part of their grant activity.

MC Alice Gilchrist, aided by Vice-President Phil Wark, introduced dignitaries from both Lanark and Frontenac Counties who attended the event. Frontenac Warden Janet Gutowski wearing the full regalia of her office voiced her support of the club and as a snowmobiler is well aware of the continuous time and effort needed to maintain club operations. Frontenac County is working towards expanding their multi-use trail systems. Betty Hunter (Frontenac Councillor) praised the Club for its work its support of charitable organizations in the community. As a regular attendee at Club events she noted that everyone is welcomed with a happy smile. Lanark County Warden John Gemmell complimented the club and expressed admiration for the strong volunteer spirit in the community. Deputy Mayor of Lanark Highlands Brian Stewart voiced his support for the club and its operations and saying the clubhouse is an excellent emergency shelter. Ken Sinclair (Lanark Highlands Councillor) was also present. It was gratifying to club members and volunteers to hear the praise and support from both townships and counties.

Current and past Club executive, members and volunteers along with snowmobilers from BEAST and Athens were present to enjoy the refreshments and camaraderie. Visitors were impressed with the building upgrades and the extent of the renovations and commitment of the executive and volunteers to bring about the successful conclusion of this major project. The clubhouse now has a capacity of 100, continues to be available to the community for celebration of life events ranging from baby showers to anniversaries, birthdays, family reunions, retirements, etc.

For those who missed this official opening, you have the opportunity to see the Clubhouse this weekend at their first ever Canada Day breakfast on Saturday, June 30th as the club participates in the overall holiday celebrations in North Frontenac and Lanark Highlands.

Click here to visit the Trillium Foundation website.

Redneck Olympics Partially Cancelled
February 7, 2012

Snow Road Snowmobile Club FUN DAY/RED NECK OLYMPICS February 25 is CANCELLED due to Concerns with Liability.

Snow Road Snowmobile Club Fundraiser Breakfast Including Pancakes February 25, 8 - 11 AM. Canteen Open for Lunch. Spaghetti Supper 4:30 - 6:30 PM. At Clubhouse, 1106 Gemmills Road. Everyone welcome.

Elf Inn Express now open at the Snow Road Clubhouse
January 2011

The Elf Inn Express has recently moved into the Snow Road Clubhouse for the Winter. They are open Friday (Noon - 8pm), Saturday (8am - 8pm) and Sunday (8am - 8pm). Stop by for some great food and great company.

Their menu includes: Burgers & Hotdogs (lots of flavours), Wraps (Chicken,Veggie, Italian and more), Fish and Chips, French Fries Poutine, Onion Rings, Mozza Sticks, Battered Mushrooms & Zucchini, Clam Strips, Soups and other specials. Stop by on your next ride and enjoy the best trail side food around.

For more information, please see thier facebook page

Clubhouse Available for Rental
December 2011
The recently renovated Snow Road Clubhouse is now available for you to rent for your wedding, anniversary or special occasion. Daytime rentals are $45 + HST and evening rentals are $90 + HST. Catering is also available upon request.

For more information, please contact Ruth Wark at 613-278-0477 or rmwark@storm.ca

Sponser A Breakfast
December 2011
How would you like to promote your business and help your local snowmobile club at the same time. The answer is to sponser one of the breakfasts this winter at the Snow Road Clubhouse. For $100, we will display a sign showing that you sponsered the breakfast inside the clubhouse (for the day of the breakfast). We will also permanently hang a sign that your provide outside the clubhouse.

For more information, please contact Lyle Conroy at 613-267-2283 or junelyle@ripnet.com

Snow Road Clubhouse Renovations Complete
December 2011

After a long summer of hard work by our dedicated volunteers, we are proud to say that the renovations on the Snow Road clubhouse are complete. With a brand new kitchen and almost twice the space, the clubhouse will surely be the place to be for years to come. We invite you to stop by to see for yourself or check out the pictures below

Click on the images below for larger images

The club would like to specially thank the following business's for thier hard work and special prices:

  • Crain's Construction
  • McNamee Construction
  • J. England Excavation
  • Perth Planning Mill
  • Tom Sullivan Plumbing
  • 5 Star Home Comfort
  • Laurie Whyte Carpentry
  • Gemmill Sand & Gravel Ltd.
  • Jack Elzinga - Carpentry
  • Steve Cook- Electrician

Snow Road Clubhouse Renovations
June 2011

The Snow Road Snowmobile Club is undertaking some signficant renovations to their clubhouse and is calling for help. Our application for a grant was approved and we are hoping to limit our costs with donations of labour and/or materials. Work crews will be on site on Saturdays and anyone who can spend a few hours helping with the work would be very welcome. Come in the morning or come in the afternoon or come at noon and help serve or provide a lunch to the workers.

To date the kitchen has been gutted and removed and some outside materials have been stripped. Next major step is to remove a portion of the roof. All help is appreciated.

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Sharbot Lake Club has dissolved
June 2011

The Sharbot Lake District Snow Riders Snowmobile Club has dissolved and ceased operations. Their former trails will continue to be managed by the K&P Snow Trails Association. The support and participation of club members and executive, the local community and landowners, as well as the many volunteers over the years of club operations are greatly appreciated.

Arnprior Trail Closure
Jan 31, 2011

The A trail at Arnprior is closed at this time. There will be no sign erected displaying the message shown in the Jan 31st notice that some of you received. The normal procedures for indicating a trail is closed will be in place. The trail status report on the OFSC web site has shown this section of trail to be closed and will continue to do so for the time being.The area is a construction zone and unsafe for snowmobilers.

The Calabogie club continues to negotiate with the contractors and MTO to find a safe passage for snowmobilers to once again travel the A trail at Arnprior. The club executive is still working on a reroute to bypass the construction site from Division Street to Baskin Drive to connect with WCSTA. The Calabogie District Snowmobile Club is asking that only they speak with the MTO and the contractor thus eliminating "too many cooks in the kitchen".

Snow Road Snowmobile Club
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